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Rust Zombie Server with Puzzle Events

Project Queen is a new Rust Zombie Server with a puzzle events and open to the public!

Join the fight, we need you!

Server Features:

    Rust Puzzle Events (Wed & Sun) - You will have 24 hours to find, workout and solve a unique puzzle custom only to this server. Those who manage to do so will unlock valuable loot. Work solo, or work as a team, first to complete the challenge finds the prize. Will you share it?

    Though it should be noted. The location of the Puzzle may not be obvious at first, and it may be wise of you to plan for the Puzzle Events days in advance so that you can be the first to get there. Seek intel from other players or trust no one; the method of extracting the loot, is up to you.

    Rust Zombie Events - Zombies will roam the server twice a week. There are many, and they aren't easy to kill. Use your time wisely to prepare for the outbreak.

    However those new to the server or those that prefer to sit back and watch the world go to hell can stay at Camp Hornet. Entry is free. Beds, crafting items and other amenities are all provided on the house. This is a safe zone however, so violence will not end well.. for you.

    Once the event is over, Zombies will no longer spawn. Feel free to massacre the leftovers.

    48Hr Offline Raid Protection - You should be on edge, but only when you're playing. When you're not, you're not. You might even be busy doing something important other than playing Rust! Maybe. So all bases that you build are protected for 48 hours, but only 30 minutes after you have left the server. How handy.

    If you thought that this was going to help prevent an online raid.. nope. That's why there is a 30 minutes cool down from the time someone leaves before it comes into effect. Plenty of time to bust down someone's walls.

    2x Scrap Pickup - As you will need all the help you can get in preparing for the hordes, we make it easier for you to get your base setup in running order. No spending 2 weeks looking for scrap. Because you only have a few days! Be afraid.
    0.5x Tool Cupboard Upkeep - Spend more time crafting crafty items, and less time maintaining your base. That's our motto.

    Monthly Wipes - Because it's sort of the thing.

    Click to see our Rust Zombie Server Event

    *Please note that we are in Pre-Alpha and are just beginning our journey along with you. We would love to hear your feedback, so please do join our Discord if you would like to share it!


Our servers are maintained by active admins/moderators who are there for help if needed. They are fair, will not takes sides and just as importantly will not help any other players by the way of cheats.

*Player Reporting - Players seen breaking the rules, including hacking, can be reported to our staff from within game.

See you on our Rust Zombie server!

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